Superbike Ø 28 mm aluminium handlebars

Attractive new superbike handlebars in XXL design. The great look definitely attracts attention.

  • These handlebars have an ABE for models that are fitted with conical handlebars as standard.
  • The new XXL superbike handlebars have a clamp thickness of 28mm, and a grip thickness of 22mm.
  • The handlebars are available in the fashionable colours silver and black, with matching handlebar blocks.
  • When converting standard 22mm tube handlebars to the XXL size, different handlebar blocks are necessary.
  • TRW-Lucas supplies these in 2 heights and colours:
    e.g. Item no.: MCL350S (black), 350mm to centre of steering tube
    e.g. Item no.: MCL450C (silver), 450mm to centre of steering tube

Handlebar adapter



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