Brake discs for BMW now also with permanently riveted floaters

TRW-Lucas brake discs for BMW motorcycles are now also available with permanently riveted floaters, as in the original parts. This makes replacing the brake discs even easier!
BMW has been installing brake discs with permanently riveted floaters as a standard for several years. TRW-Lucas replacement brake discs for BMW, on the other hand, previously required the floaters to be added during installation. Separate floater sets are available for this purpose. But now TRW-Lucas has expanded the large range for BMW motorcycles once again. TRW-Lucas brake discs for BMW are now also offered ready for installation with permanently riveted floaters. These brake discs are available with a notched outer contour (RAC) or with a classic round friction ring.

Customers wishing to install a TRW-Lucas brake disc with permanently riveted floaters on their BMW should select the new version. This saves time and the use of the previously required floater sets. Those who prefer to install the floaters themselves, however, should order a conventional TRW-Lucas brake disc for BMW as well as a fixing set containing the correct number of shims, curved washers and floaters.

TRW-Lucs offers an extensive range of spare parts and accessories for BMW motorcycles. These are presented in a new flyer: fixed and floating brake discs, sintered and organic brake pads for all applications, steel-braided hoses, oil bath and dry clutches, tail raising and lowering kits, handlebars as well as brake and clutch levers. All extras for BMW motorcycles are available in proven TRW-Lucas quality!

Comprehensive product information and the new TRW-Lucas flyer with all spare parts and accessories especially for BMW are available at the TRW-Lucas homepage:


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